We are proud members of Independent Travel Association. It is a movement which brings together boat trip & tour operators to share knowledge & experience specific for the in-destination industry. It enables us to provide better services to our guests. You may check-out our travel plans to some of the members:

Sailing in Sardinia

Common shared trait between the members is that We try to provide the best customer service. I can see us sailing with Adriano & Nuccia along Sardinia island, with local bottle of wine to watch dolphins & vultures in their natural habitat, or just enjoying the overnight tour on their yacht. I can be quite sure everything is going to be fine.

Powerboating in Caribbean

Next time I am escaping the Winter, I might end up in St. Martin (Caribbean) on Sam’s powerboat charter. I’d run that 300hp boat full speed on the turquoise waters just because I can, and I am sure I’d get help from the the crew if needed.

Fishing in Azores

My fishing licence is not valid anymore – it’s a while now since I fished for carps and pikes in Vltava & South Moravia. However, I am quite curious about the Azores islands (out in Atlantic Ocean, Portugal) and Natacha and Sérgio go directly for the big fish – Tuna, Barracuda, Marlin… Deep sea fishing sounds fun, and Sea Azores at Ponta Delgada also seems to accustom to the guest’s needs.

Hiking in Bulgaria

I have heard that Velko knows when to visit popular places without the crowds, and his Waterfalls (46 of them!) Canyon Trip in Rhodope Mountains sounds as a great thing to do! It’s usually best to speak with a local about the culture, and to learn about ancient and modern history of Bulgaria.

Barge Cruising in France

One day, it might be nice to have a personalised trip through Champagne Chateaus from a river barge. It’s very appealing and laid back way of travelling, to stay on a barge overnight at new location each day, without the need to pack your stuff. I could just take a bike ride to wineries and then return to the barge at new location few miles down the river. 

Sailing in Malta

I was 12 last time I have visited Gozo island, Malta. I have stayed with local family at their house. Once, We went on a motor boat to a bay with turquoise water and sandy seabed – all we had to do was to throw the anchor down and start swimming! The next time I get to Malta, I will do it all over again! This time, probably with another Traveler’s Choice Awarded business, run by a family at Malta Sailing Experiences.