Can I change the date of the reservation, the number of guests and get a refund?

Yes, you can edit your reservation by clicking the “change booking” text in your confirmation e-mail up to 24 hours before your original cruise departure.

What is your cancellation policy?

In case of inclement weather (rain, strong wind) we simply contact you to cancel or re-schedule your booking. We send full refunds to our customers for booking cancellations made 24 hours before planned departure.

Is there enough wine on the boat? Can I buy wine to go?

Yes, and yes. The 5 samples of wine per person equals to 350ml / 12 oz + We can chill couple extra bottles if you let us know in advance. Definitely, ask us for a wine list and we will be happy to pack one bottle or a full box for you.

Can I bring some food on board?

Feel free to bring your own food (such as charcuterie and cheese), especially if you are on a private cruise – keep in mind there is limited, or no space on the wine table.

Do you play some music on the boat? Can you play our selection?

Yes, the boat is equipped with Kicker music system enabling us to play background music. We try to tune the music selection and volume according to the situation. If you are on a private cruise, let us know your music preference.

How can I pay for the cruise? Which currencies do you accept?

You can pay with your debit/credit card on-line during the booking process, or in cash directly on the boat. We accept CZK, EUR and USD. Fair money exchange is here + if you show this coupon to the teller, you can get VIP rates.

Can We make a reservation for 11 guests?

Yes, We do provide an option for 11 guests. At times, there are 2 crew members on our cruises – the captain/guide & wine server. Since the boat is only registered for 12 persons, the wine server might need to step off the boat after getting the wines ready for you. The price stays the same as for 10 guests.
Feel free to make a booking on-line for 10 guests, and just send us a follow-up email informing us about the extra person. Thank you!

Can you recommend us a nearby restaurant?

Please, check our updated list of restaurants:

Is there shelter on the boat if it rains?

Yes, there is a bimini roof covering nearly half of the boat, and We also have waterproof blankets & umbrellas in case a rainshower occurs. In such case, We are also able to manoeuver the boat under a bridge to escape a possible rain.

Is smoking allowed on board?

No, smoking is also prohibited in the Port area. On Private Wine Cruise, E-cigarettes & “non-combusted” cigarettes are allowed; on shared cruises, these may be used only at the back of the boat during the cruise. Thank you for understanding!